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Gear Partners

We started as two staffing executives who came together with different lenses on the business, and ended up with the conclusion that optimizing process, technology and people is the best way to establish a sound foundation for technology innovation.


After years of implementing front, middle and back office ​staffing software, we came to believe there is a gap between what staffing companies can do in-house and what their software vendors can provide. We are passionate to help companies cross that bridge to reap the rewards of successful software investments. 

  • 15 years in staffing operations including CRM/ATS, Time, Expense and Onboarding Implementation, System Administration and Sr. Consulting from front to back office

  • 20+ years of Process Improvement, Program Management, Business Modeling

  • 15+ years running Management Consulting Division and Application Development Group

We have a passion to help prepare your business for software implementations and tool integrations because we have walked in your shoes!

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or on LinkedIn.

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